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Hi everyone, my name is Jure Purgar and I’m the guy who actually writes code that’s running, hopefully without many issues, on your Windows devices. In other words, I’m the developer of Trakter. All of the other content of this site is written by a friend of mine Jure Jeram, who is also the Trakter’s biggest fan. We share the same first name, however we are not the same person. The third guy in the team is Jure Jereb who designed the Trakter’s icon and translated it to our native language: Slovenian. Again, we all (weirdly?)  share the same first name, but we’re not the same person. Seriously.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the translators, beta testers, backers and others for their contributions. Thank you also for all of the ideas on our feedback forum, although it is bringing us more work, we really appreciate it. I wish we could implement all of them, but unfortunately time is not unlimited. We are doing our best to at least implement the ideas with the most votes. I would also like to thank WindowsCentral, WMPowerUser and other sites for promotion. They really helped bring Trakter to more users. Last but not least I would like to thank to trakt.tv team. They are really doing a good job running the site and API. The API architecture and documentation is great. There were not a single time I would have to contact them for support during development. Maybe is not obvious, but without trakt.tv there is no Trakter, so be sure to consider supporting their efforts with VIP and #KaleForJustin.

Now to the main part. What is next for Trakter? First I would like to talk about things that you don’t actually see. You probably know that Trakter is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. There is a lot of code that is shared between those 3, but there is also a lot of stuff (especially UI) that is different. This means that some times we have to do changes or additions in 3 places, on the other hand the shared part is preventing us to make use of new features in Windows 10. In other words, maintaining the 8.1 stuff is time consuming and it is holding us back. Due to this fact we will not work on new features for 8.1 apps but instead focus on W10 app which means implementing new features will take less time and we can use new features in UWP, which should bring better performance and less memory consumption. I think this is the right decision due to the fact that not a lot of people is still using Windows 8.1 and that Windows 10 Mobile general availability is near. The 8.1 apps will continue to be available and will work as they work today, we just won’t add any new features.

We believe that Trakter provides a pretty decent experience, however there are still some core features that are missing like: ability to view and write comments on shows and movies, ability to rate and view ratings, trakt custom list support, date time format settings, episode name settings, etc. This are the features that we will focus on the near future. We will also try to further improve the sync process, since on the phone, is still not good enough especially if there are a lot of items. Another thing that we are planning on doing is to try to provide different sources for episode air/release times. A lot of people are watching series on networks, other than it was initially aired. We didn’t do much research on this, but I feel confident that we can do this at least for online sources, like Netflix.

One of the goals is also better integration with the OS. I’m mainly talking about lock screen integration and of course Cortana. It would be very cool to be able to say: “Hey Cortana, check-in to Game of Thrones, season 6 episode 1 with Trakter”, wouldn’t it?

I hope I was able to shed some light on what our plans are and what we are working on. Do you think we are heading the right way or not? Let us know in the comments or on twitter.

Have a nice time using Trakter and watching TV shows and movies, but don’t forget to check outside, because: “Winter is coming”, at least here on the northern hemisphere 🙂

Jure Purgar

7 thoughts on “What’s next for Trakter

  1. Hey this is one of the best trakt apps available on any of the platforms… any chance there will be development for iOS or Android?

  2. Hello, I have one doubt. Is it possible to share to social network with Trakter? Can’t find the option.

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