Update 1610

We’ve submitted a small but necessary update today. Trak.tv, the site you are getting all of the stuff you see in Trakter from, had to stop serving images to third party apps, due to increased CDN costs (you can read all about it here), so we had to find another solution for you guys to keep seeing images. We went with our own server that is getting images from TMDB and TvDB. The server is also caching images so we are producing less request to those sites, eventually preventing the trakt.tv images situation happening all over again. We can only hope other app developers did the same. All this means that image you see in Trakter might be different than image on trakt.tv, for some shows and movies. It is also possible that images will load a bit slower.

Let me point out that we were all but angry or disappointed when we heard the news about images from trakt.tv, since we understand that infrastructure is needed to host and serve the API and images, and infrastructure is not for free. That’s why we, from the day one, offer premium features 50% off for all of you that support trakt, by being a VIP member. Please keep in mind that without trakt, TMDB and TvDB there is no Trakter so we encourage you to donate to them if you can (links are available at the end of this post). Now we also have our own infrastructure we have to pay for, so thanks to all of the backers, that made this possible.

Besides a fix for images we also added a few improvements in this version:

  • Tapping on notification will now take you to the right episode instead of just opening the app.
  • A check-in button has been added to notifications that will take you directly to check-in page.
  • We’ve changed login experience to fix problems some of you were heaving.


We are also working on new features like the one bellow, that will enable you to customize what you see on “My” page. Look closely and you might get a hint that “custom lists” support is also coming 🙂

New feature


There is also other great stuff that we are not ready to reveal yet. Anyway, Trakter is not abandoned, as some have speculated. We have a lot of more stuff to deliver, we just need a little more time.

Don’t forget to donate to great sites without, which there is no Trakter:

Trakt – http://www.trakt.tv/vip

TvDB – http://thetvdb.com/donate/

Fanart.tv – https://fanart.tv/contribute/



Have fun!

10 thoughts on “Update 1610

  1. I actually like new pictures more. And alot of shows and movies that used to show blanks, now show images. Much needed updated that was.

  2. great update. has the bug been fixed that removes a show from the watchlist whenever an episode is marked watched? it’s super annoying to have to go find the show and re-add it everytime i watch an episode.

  3. I have favorite TV Shows saved in Trakter….when I view an episode, each and every time I have to go back in to Trakter and select the button (blue) that looks like stack of books, otherwise when I go into Kodi to view another episode later it is not there. Is there something I can do to fix this. Thank you for a great program.

  4. Clicking on a show in my list should bring me directly to the episodes tab. 99% of the time that’s where anyone wants to go to.

  5. Thank you for a great app. I am happy that I support your efforts as a backer. I would do it again.

    One comment: The “Series” watchlist toggle keeps toggling off? I want my “favorite Series”, that still air new episodes, to remain on the watchlist so I am notified of new future episodes of my watched Series.

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