Trakter Preview Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information.
Usernames and password
If you chose to connect Trakter Beta with your account, the app requires a OAuth2 token to connect to service. This token is retrieved using an OAuth2 flow which is completely handled by the operating system so the app never has access to your password. Token is stored locally in Windows credential manager so you don’t have to login every time you open the app. Trakter Beta does not use any other local or online store to store your token, however based on operating system settings token may be synced to other devices using Windows credential manager sync features.
Transmitted data
Trakter Beta stores data transmitted from service, which might contain sensitive information, to device’s local storage for caching purposes. Other apps do not have access to this data.
Configuration and settings
Trakter Beta stores its configuration and settings, which might contain sensitive information, to device’s roaming store, which enables configuration and settings sharing between all user’s devices. You can change sync settings by going to Sync your settings in PC settings.
Usage tracking
Trakter Beta by default collects information about how you use the app so we can improve it. This can be always disabled in settings.
Other usages of personal information
Trakter Beta might in some case use your username in order to uniquely identify you, however your username is never disclosed anywhere.