Trakter for Windows 10!

We are happy to announce a new version of Trakter. As you already gathered from the title, it is a Windows 10 app. We all know that now in Windows 10, apps are universal. Therefore app is the same on all your Windows devices (phones, tablets, desktops). And no, it is not only an improvement of the UI and a few rewritten lines of code to make it compatible with Windows 10, it is much more. Sync to and from, was pretty much done anew. There are many new features, also features requested from you, on our feedback page. Amongst them is also, we believe, one of the most anticipated feature – ability to filter out shows that are marked as hidden on In other words, many of us have a TV show that we don’t want to watch anymore, but still want to have a history of all watched episodes.

Let us assure you that we are already working on the next batch of features, for the next release. Also some changes regarding premium features and backers will be presented. But this is for another blog post 🙂

Underneath are listed the most important changes that we’ve made in this release, there are of course many changes that are not seen to the users, but definitely essential for good user experience.

What’s new?

  • UI for windows 10. It includes hamburger menu, buttons more similar to so there is less confusion among users, light and dark theme, etc. There are also more actions available in lists and details pages.
  • Sync to and from was made smarter and more efficient. It is now syncing faster and with less problems.
  • Login experience was improved and is now more stable.
  • We added the ability to configure notifications on upcoming episodes and seasons. They can be managed in settings menu.
  • Sorting and filtering is now more accessible than before since it’s not needed to go under settings to change it. You can change it right on the My shows or My movies lists.
  • More information wad added on shows and movies details page. You also have all relevant links for shows and movies (, etc.) right on the details page.
  • Images of actors, directors and other people involved in the show, are now also available under gallery.
  • YouTube links can now also be opened in myTube app, as well in Web browser and Metrotube / Tubecast.
  • It is now possible to filter out shows that are marked as hidden on so you don’t longer see them in your lists.
  • Error handling and error reporting was improved. It is now possible to get more info is app is crashing.
  • There were also a lot of other “under the hood” improvements that will enable us to easily add more features later on.
  • Better experience if you are not connected to the internet.

Some screenshots of the app!