Quick update

We are releasing a small bug fixing update today for all platforms. For Windows 10 (UWP) we’ve fixed an issue where item image would not be shown on check-in page. We are also releasing update for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 to fix an issue with images. The same issue was fixed 3 months ago for Windows 10 and you can read all about it here. We’ve stated before that we will not update apps for old operating systems, however a few users are still using those so we decided to fix the issue with images.

Why no new features? Well, the truth is we are re-writing the whole thing, and this kind of work takes a lot of time, let say we are at approximately 60% now. We’ll reveal more details on the redesigned app, when we will have something ready for you to test, so stay tuned 🙂

20 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Why the new version? The existing version is great. Thank you for supporting Windows and Windows Mobile. I wish we could contribute a recurring fee to support your efforts and ensure your support of Windows Mobile.

  2. Ah ah, you are probably the only developers getting comments such as “why?” when you say you work on a whole rewrite of your app. I must confess I’m surprised of the rewrite as Trakter is one of the best UWP apps, period. Functional, great looking, etc. W10/W10M developers should study Trakter to see how a UWP is done, in my opinion. And you’re still not satisfied….well keep up the good work guys!

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