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Quick update

We are releasing a small bug fixing update today for all platforms. For Windows 10 (UWP) we’ve fixed an issue where item image would not be shown on check-in page. We are also releasing update for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 to fix an issue with images. The same issue was fixed 3 months ago for Windows 10 and you can read all about it here. We’ve stated before that we will not update apps for old operating systems, however a few users are still using those so we decided to fix the issue with images.

Why no new features? Well, the truth is we are re-writing the whole thing, and this kind of work takes a lot of time, let say we are at approximately 60% now. We’ll reveal more details on the redesigned app, when we will have something ready for you to test, so stay tuned 🙂

Update 1610

We’ve submitted a small but necessary update today., the site you are getting all of the stuff you see in Trakter from, had to stop serving images to third party apps, due to increased CDN costs (you can read all about it here), so we had to find another solution for you guys to keep seeing images. We went with our own server that is getting images from TMDB and TvDB. The server is also caching images so we are producing less request to those sites, eventually preventing the images situation happening all over again. We can only hope other app developers did the same. All this means that image you see in Trakter might be different than image on, for some shows and movies. It is also possible that images will load a bit slower. Continue reading Update 1610

Bug fixes and new translations!

Another day, another update. We are happy to announce the second update this year, which contains a number of new translations and hotfixes. As some of you already know we started using One Sky for translations and is already “produced” three new translations.
  • Show air times in notifications and live tile for west coast was fixed and is now showing the correct time.
  • Fixed a bug where some contributors didn’t have premium version when they entered their code.
  • Fixed a bug where some users would get (init failed: ArgumentNull_Generic) error when trying to sign in.

That’s it for now, see you at the next update 🙂

First update in 2016

Update: The fix for sign-in crash is now live.

Update: We’ve identified a nasty bug in this release that causes the app to crash at first sign-in. To overcome this, just launch the app again and you should be signed-in. We already submitted the fix to the store so it should be available in a day or two.

Hi everybody, I have some exciting news. We have released the first update in 2016 and it is a big one. At a first glance it might seem that not much is changed, but a lot of code has been (re)written. As announced before, we stopped development for 8.1 platforms, which means that this update is only available for Windows 10. It also means that there are performance gains just because we were able to use the new features in UWP for the parts that were previously shared between W10 and 8.1 platforms. However, we also added a few new features. More info about these features is available below in this blog post.

Continue reading First update in 2016

New translations and how it all works

With the last update we now have two additional translations. Big thanks to translators!

  • French (France) by: @Khaerys
  • Italian (Italy) by: Giordano Piacentini
  • We’ve also made some performance tweaks which should make app more responsive during sync process.

I was thinking, since there are now quite a few languages (listed in about page) to choose from, I should shed some light on how to select a specific language in the app and how it all works. Continue reading New translations and how it all works

New translations and additional settings

Another update is here. We’ve added some additional preferences in settings menu that you have requested on our feedback page.

  • Ability to choose 24-hour clock format
  • Ability to change episode identifier format
  • Ability to change language to system default or in any other translated language (We’ve found a small bug for this setting and will be fixed in the next release)
  • Fixed a bug where release dates in Upcoming and Aired pages would be wrong

New translations:

Big thanks to all the guys who translated Trakter and brought it closer to their counties.

How Trakter sync works

Hi all, it’s Jure Purgar here again. I was going over ideas on our feedback forum (by the way Thanks, we really appreciate it) and there are some ideas / questions about sync process, so I decide to write a blog post about it, to explain how we are doing it and why we are doing it this way. On the other hand, I’m not saying the sync process is perfect so we are always open for ideas that are technically possible and make sense. This might be a bit technical, so if you are happy with how sync works and you think that this is something you really don’t need to know, than you can stop reading. Continue reading How Trakter sync works

First translations rolling in

Hey guys. Some of you probably already noticed there was a new update, which contains some of the first translations of the app. Trakter is now translated into three additional languages and others will follow.

Translations in this release:

Thanks again to all the guys who translated Trakter so far and brought it closer to their counties.

Additionally in this update, sync process was improved and should now be faster than before.

What’s next for Trakter

Hi everyone, my name is Jure Purgar and I’m the guy who actually writes code that’s running, hopefully without many issues, on your Windows devices. In other words, I’m the developer of Trakter. All of the other content of this site is written by a friend of mine Jure Jeram, who is also the Trakter’s biggest fan. We share the same first name, however we are not the same person. The third guy in the team is Jure Jereb who designed the Trakter’s icon and translated it to our native language: Slovenian. Again, we all (weirdly?)  share the same first name, but we’re not the same person. Seriously.

Continue reading What’s next for Trakter