App features

Features already included in free version of the app.

  • No ads
  • Integration with
  • Browse TV shows and movies by popular, trending and recommended
  • Search for TV shows, movies and people
  • Detailed TV show, movie and actor information
  • My Shows list and My Movies list
  • List of upcoming and aired episodes at a glance
  • check-in functionality
  • Add new TV show or movie to your lists
  • Ability to filter out shows that are marked as hidden on from My Shows view
  • Option to select light or dark theme
  • Last aired and next aired episode information
  • Unwatched episode count information
  • Sort and filter out shows and movies in your lists in various ways
  • Ability to hide your lists
  • Play trailers over web browser, myTube or MetroTube / Tubecast
Premium features

App development takes time and time is money, thats why some of the Trakter features are not free of charge. Premium features are available as In-App purchase, for approximately the price of one beer 😎

Included premium features:

  • Notifications on upcoming episodes and seasons.
  • Live tile with upcoming episodes
  • Mark multiple episodes as watched / collected
  • Do more than 10 actions per session (an action is performed every time you mark movie / episode as watched /collected / watchlisted)
  • Background syncing and caching

You can get premium features for 50% of the puching price, by becoming VIP. This way you’ll also support service that this app uses to get data. Learn more here. If you already are VIP user, your price is 50% off.

Become a backer

Another option to get premium features is by donating 9,89 € and becoming a backer. This way you’ll also support Trakter’s further development. Optionally your name, city and country can be displayed in about page so every one will know of your support.

Become contributor

The third way to get premium features is by becoming a Trakter contributor. Suggest an idea on our feedback system and if your idea has 50 or more votes, is implementable and does not promote copyright infringement or piracy, we’ll send you a code that you can use to unlock premium features. Make sure that you use your real e-mail address when posting to our feedback system, so we can contact you when your idea gets 50 votes. As a contributor you’ll have the option to be listed in about page so every one will know of your contribution.